A Long Time Coming...

Oh Canada! Oh Canada! Okay, I'm not moving to Canada, but I did have an incredible experience while in Canmore learning from the industry's best, Two Mann Studios (www.twomann.com). I was also fortunate enough to chat (usually until the wee hours of the morning) with 10 other professional photographers who are just as excited about the wedding photography industry as I am. We drank beer (or wine), we visited about the in's & out's of the business, we vented, we cheered each other on, we critiqued each other's work (thanks Seth!) and we gave each other advice.

I came home from Canada with an excitement for my business and confidence in myself I haven't felt in quite some time. I was so inspired by Lanny and Erika's transparency with all they know & all they create. They are truly two of the kindest, creative and most humble people I've ever been fortunate enough to meet. I learned so much about myself, my business and my future during my short time at the workshop. I will forever be grateful for all they've helped me with!

So... What does "A Long Time Coming..." have to do with all of that? Well, a few big changes for my business!

1. New Name: My business is about me, my vision, and my AMAZING clients. I want my clients and future clients to associate the photographs I create with me, not a cutesy name I came up with 5 years ago. I have had quite a few misconceptions with my business recently with my current business name. I hope to clear it all up with a new business name. My name is unique, I strive for my photos to be unique, so my business name will be... Tanna White Photography!

I have been working behind the scenes for quite some time to better my business. Better branding, better website, better business plan, and a better client experience! I give my all to this business and it only makes sense that my business name is me- Tanna White. Be prepared to see future blog posts more about ME, my family, everyday happenings and new session ideas!

GASP~ Will you still specialize in outdoor, western weddings?

Absolutely! I still will specialize in those weddings with locations I love, clients that instantly feel like best friends, have a love for the outdoors, adventure and many of whom are involved with agriculture!

2. Specialization: It's no secret that weddings have been a major part of my business {40+ and counting} and I plan to keep going in that direction. My studio work will take a backseat. The majority of the indoor studio work will be referred on to other talented professionals in the area. I will still continue to grow my senior business as I definitely can't quit on such a fun genre, but I will be limiting the amount of bookings for families & newborns.

OH NO~ Will you still photograph my family this fall?

Possibly! I will be photographing a select group of families this fall as my schedule allows. If you would like to be on my list (which likely will be a list which continues year after year with sessions with occasional openings for new families) contact me today! I can put you on the list for this fall and I'll work you in when both of our schedules allow it. I hope to be able to give the select group of families I do photograph more time, more creativity, and more fun!

Thank you all for listening, understanding, and HOPEFULLY helping me spread the word on my new business name! Please share this blog post, share my Facebook post announcing the name change and tell your friends! Western Lifestyles Photography is STILL AROUND, just a new name to go by!

Thank you ALL for your unending support!


photo cred: 1st image from CANADA (Seth Kerchanin) Last image of Tanna's Family: (319 Photography)

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